Deacon Lyn's Homily for The Fifth Week of Lent - Being a Mirror


  1. Lenten journey 2. Scriptures today 3. Being a mirror

How is your Lenten journey- Taking Risks for the Lord!

Work hard, have faith that all things will work out, treat others as you what to be treated!

 1st reading - remember not the events of the past, the things of long ago consider not: see, I am doing something new!

2nd reading forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead.

 Gospel: Has no one condemned you? Go and from now on don’t sin any more.

 The thread that connects them together is not looking ahead, in the future or behind, in the past but the present, the now. In the NOW Christ is present here and now and everywhere and in everything. 


The other day someone shared this note they got from someone. I like the idea that we are mirrors. Somewhere in the book “In Sinu Jesu” it talks about adoration being a mirror, a reflection of Christ to us & us to Christ. Thank you for being a mirror for me and a mirror for me to Christ. I think that is a beautiful way of putting how we grow in Christ together and the opportunity we have to do so as a community as well. So by us being a mirror of Christ we can say Yes, Christ is present here and now and everywhere and in everything. Said Ealier.

Infants see themselves mirrored in their caregiver’s eyes! This gaze begins to form mirror neurons that are thought to be the physiological basis for empathy. Babies and children who receive loving mirroring and modeling can grow into adults capable of I-Thou relationships, tenderness, and closeness—with other beings and with God.

Author James Finley says the brain activity shown by parts of the brain “lighting up” during moments when a baby and parent are mirroring each other as similar to what happens in the mirror exchange of divine and human gazes: experienced it, drawn to babies, why else faces/sounds.

When God gazes at us and we gaze at God we light up. . . . And God lights up with joy of being recognized by the one that God created in God’s own image and likeness. It’s a state of emotional, intimate communion; a tender recognition of oneness that we might rest in it, resting in us . . . resting in this communion in each other, as each other, through each other, beyond each other in this endless interconnectedness of life itself, of love. We have a word for it, we call it the Trinitarian Flow.

Healthy relationships and spirituality lead us beyond the human level of feeling special and loved to allow this same divine mirroring with every living thing. It’s not just people who love you that you can return the gaze to, but it is the way you see everything: the grasshopper in the grass, the flower on the bush, the blue sky, sunsets, sunrises & even the would-be enemy.

The mirror, is without ego and without mind. Everything is revealed as it really is. There is no dis­criminating mind or self-consciousness on the part of the mirror. If something comes, the mirror reflects it; if the object moves on, the mirror lets it move on. The mirror is always empty of itself and therefore able to receive the other. The mirror has no pre­conditions for entry or acceptance. It receives and reflects back what is there, nothing more and nothing less. The mirror is the perfect lover.

If we are to be a continuation of God’s way of seeing, we must, first of all, be mirrors. We must be no-thing so that we can receive some-thing. This is what it means to truly love and it demands a transformation of consciousness, a transformation that has been the goal of all saints, mystics. And the transformation of consciousness is this: we must be liberated from ourselves, which is done by somehow becoming the other. Think of Paul’s famous “I live no longer, not I, but with the life of Christ who lives in me” (Galatians 2:20). This is not fantastic religious poetry, it is the heart of the experience of human and divine love. What we allow ourselves to see is what we eventually become. A Mirror!

I challenge you to be a mirror. Be intentional, dam good mirror with purpose.

To Take Risks for the Lord!  So that by being MIRRORS, we will, as Mr. Dorsey said, “Wake up this sleeping giant.”

That this community of faith come alive with the presence of Christ!

 I pray that the rest of your Lent you experience the mirror of Christ & become that in your world!

 "O Lord, King of Love, May we trust in your merciful goodness.!"