• Here are the notes for our December 19th class

    Adult Faith Formation Class Notes
    December 19, 2021

    “INTO HIS LIKENESS” by Dr. Edward Sri
    Part 1, Section 4: “THE STRUGGLE”
    A. Example of Sri’s 5 year old
    a. Remorse, Admission of failure
    b. Promises to do better, but admission that this might be impossible
    B. Original Sin – Concupiscence
    a. Our fallen nature compels us to sin
    b. We’re not always able to resist
    C. Jesus doesn’t pretend we have not sinned
    a. He shines alight into the dark corners of our lives
    b. He understands, but does not excuse
    c. He promises to help us in our struggle
    d. He atones for our sins at Calvary
    D. Our part – to cooperate with God’s Holy Spirit
    E. Read Pope Francis’ Quote…are you shocked?
    F. Am I a “Chicago Cubs Catholic”?
    a. “Good enough”?
    b. Have I given up trying to be holy?
    G. Substituting Orthodoxy for Holiness
    a. Going through the motions
    b. Obeying all the rules (all good things)
    c. But neglecting our relationship with God.
    d. How am I saved? Fr. Jeff – “Friendship with God”

    Part 1, Section 5: “NOT PERFECT, BUT CHOSEN”

    A. Jesus is not chosen by His disciples – He chooses them
    a. By choosing us, we can be assured of His help
    i. “He Who began a good work in you…”
    ii. We become His “friends”
    b. He promises not to leave us alone
    B. Jesus is no ordinary Rabbi – He is God
    C. Disciples are not models of perfection, but of a process
    a. Example of Peter & other apostles
    b. Examples of the saints
    D. Jesus dwells within us – by His Holy Spirit
    a. Growing in grace
    E. Jesus calls us to “take up our cross daily.
    a. What is our cross?
    b. Sin, Suffering, Life, Sacrifice
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