• After some discussion, and thought, I've decided to NOT publish audio from our classes. But here are the class notes from Last Sunday, 11/21/2021:

    Adult Faith Formation Class Notes
    November 21, 2021
    “INTO HIS LIKENESS” by Dr. Edward Sri
    Part 1, Section 1: “FOLLOW ME”
    A. Caravaggio’s Painting of the calling of Matthew
    a. Shock, Intrigue, Terror
    b. Not disbelief. By now everyone knew who Jesus was.
    i. He has been sent by God
    ii. A great Rabbi
    c. Matthew is a FAN of Jesus’, but will he choose to become a Disciple?
    d. Am I a Fan or a Disciple?
    Part 1, Section 2: “TOTAL COMMITMENT”
    A. A Fan
    a. Enjoys fellowship at Church
    b. Contributes in the Collection
    c. Participates in ministry
    d. Attends activities
    e. Proudly wears his Catholic “badge”.
    B. A Disciple
    a. Jesus is the Center of my life
    b. Surrenders totally to Christ
    c. Willing to lose reputation, social status, friends, etc.
    C. Example of the Rich Young Ruler
    a. Will lose wealth
    b. Will endure ridicule and shame
    c. Example of Saint Moses The Black
    d. Prayer of Saint Ignatius
    Part 1, Section 3: “IN THE DUST OF THE RABBI”
    A. Discipleship = Imitation (LK: 6:40)
    a. Living Christ’s teachings, not merely Learning them
    b. ROM 8:29 – “Be Conformed to image of Christ”
    c. 1 COR 11:1 – “Be Imitators of Christ”
    B. Not a one-time act.
    a. A Lifetime of Learn  Practice  Learn  Practice…
    b. Where do I learn?
    i. Scripture
    ii. Prayer
    iii. Christian reading
    iv. Study the saints
    v. Imitate other devoted disciples
    C. Going through the motions vs Being Transformed
    a. Eventually you will be “Covered in His d
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